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Holy Mortgage Rates, Batman!

Have you heard the news?  Mortgage rates are lower than ever in history, and dropped under 4% today.  What does that mean?  Well, the rate you pay on your mortgage (loan to buy a home) is a factor in determining your monthly payment, which of course is important to most people buying a home.  Usually folks consider “How much do I have to pay each month??” … AND, it’s important in determining if you even qualify based on your income.

How do you find out if you even qualify for a mortgage and this artificially low rate?  Well, you could respond to one of the thousands of ads you probably received with a subject line bellowing out “It’s a GREAT time to buy” …. And any number of those folks will gladly run your credit, they might “pre-qualify” you, and it’s possible they’ll add you to their weekly “mortgage update” list after they put you in a loan that may or may not be right for you.

The truth is, this “breaking news” of lowest mortgage rates in history sends a deeper message and some are “unimpressed”.  (I like that word, unimpressed … )  According to one mortgage information provider in this article, Low Mortgage Rates, “the lowest mortgage rates come at the bleakest periods”.

What the heck does all this mean?

If you’re buying or considering buying, can you really afford NOT to call us?


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Someone Tweeted THAT?

SELLING A HOME?  I had to share a tweet I just saw … I have a lot of stories which I will share as a way to give you a choice.  You want choices, right?  You want control over your situation, right?  In a litigious society where entitlement runs rampant, it seems as if you might want a bit more control and maybe a different choice.  Hell, the choices you have had available (until now) have gotten you the results you have (i.e. owning the home you’ve wanted to sell for months, maybe even years).

Here’s the tweet:  @JasonHallAz Make sure that a listing agent you choose has a web site with high traffic, and is connected with many other home web sites. #realestate #az

My reply was:  @LeslieBriskman OR … u could make sure ur agent can not only just put ur home on a bunch of websites, but also can sell it. #realestate Listing agent vs an agent that gets intended results. Just my opinion, as an anit-real estate agent. 

Now, in case you don’t tweet, the abbreviations are necessary as you only have 140 characters to share a thought or link to a website.  My point in replying to Mr. Hall (who I don’t know and have never spoken to) was to engage a conversation and challenge the traditional viewpoint.

Here are my questions if you’ve been trying to sell a home:

1. Do you care how many websites I have if my results suck?

2. Do you care how pretty your house will be on those respective websites if again, my results suck?

3. Do you even care if I have three eyes and hunchback?  If I can deliver the best results in the quickest time, does any of this matter?

How do you get comfortable knowing we (Results Only Realty Group, RORG) can get you the best results?  OR, if you simply want to LIST your home, I can deliver that too with tons of pretty websites and pictures and rainbows and butterflies … My instinct is you might want to sell and you might want to find someone who can deliver THAT?

Your results may not change unless you call me …. What are you waiting for?


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Truth or Dare … ?

Remember this game as young kid?  Heck, I even played it as a teenager.

So, what’s your choice?  Knowing this is typically an economic site, with commentary generally focused on what’s REALLY going on with the real estate and mortgage industries, what’s YOUR choice?  Do you want truth or dare?

Why am I asking?  Well, the next few articles I’m about to share (which means you do have to come back and visit me) will have both.  So I guess no matter what you answered, I’ll have something you can appreciate … Or at least something that might shock the hell out of you.

Do you want the truth about what’s really happening in the real estate industry, where we are going, and why?

Maybe it’s time you called me ….


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So … How’s that been working for you?

Conventional wisdom is nearly always wrong. Take Warren Buffet, for example. When 99% of Wall Street investors believe it’s time to buy, he sells; when they’re selling, he’s buying. Against the grain. Always.

Real estate is no different. Nearly every agent uses the exact same pricing and selling strategies regardless of marketplace dynamics. And how’s that been working for you? Record high inventory levels and “days on market” times that are measured in months or even years instead of only days or weeks—that’s what conventional wisdom has gotten you.

So if you’ve got a property you need to sell, maybe you should consider abandoning the “norm” that clearly isn’t working. Maybe it’s time to be counter-intuitive. Maybe it’s time to go against the grain.

Maybe it’s time to call me. ;)


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Champagne For Sellers?

Listen carefully … Can you hear it?  That’s the slow stretching sound of a giant cork straining under tremendous pressure. But it’s not a champagne cork for sellers who are toasting higher prices, despite what you’re being spoon-fed by the media … or talking-point politicians … or even many misinformed and under-trained real estate agents.

Nope. That’s actually the sound of a marketplace on the verge of being flooded with tens of thousands of foreclosed properties (a.k.a. shadow inventory) that lenders have been holding back.  Until now.  And trust me, you don’t want to be caught with a property for sale when that cork finally pops!

ANY QUESTIONS? (Seriously, if you have private questions feel free to send a private message) … Cheers!

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Whoops, minor *typo* in the title; I missed a letter.  It’s supposed to read: “SHIFT HAPPENS” … Not what you thought it said!  But that happens too … The point:  Change is a constant.  It’s inevitable.  You can crawl under a rock and hide, or you can embrace the chaos that sometimes occurs with change.

As it relates to the field of real estate, there’s been a shift … Duh, right?  Quoting my friend Nick Modarelli, “Despite all of the negative connotations associated with change, it does have at least one positive attribute that makes it worthwhile – even welcomed by the few who understand it.  Change always transforms the marketplace, which inevitably gives rise to a power wave of new and highly profitable niche opportunities.” **See below for how to obtain more information about Nick and his investment book.

So do you know what today’s opportunities are?  Or perhaps more importantly, do you have an agent who does?  And can your agent not only show you where those opportunities are, but also how you can best leverage them?  If not, did you know we can help you with that … no matter who or where you are?  Did you also know we’re not bound by ordinary obstacles like circumstance or geography?  It’s true.  That means even if you’re 2,500 miles away in Buffalo, New York and you’re trying to fix and flip a property while being plagued with credit issues and personal challenges (I know this because I’m helping a client do that right now), you can still come to us for assistance.

Look, you can never know too much; and I can never assume what you already know.  So there’s a simple, point-blank question that I’m going to be asking you again and again:  “Did you know…?”

Get used to it.

Have a swanky day … LB

RECOMMENDED READING: ** “Full Frontal Real Estate Investing”, Nick Modarelli (Brace yourself; it’s wrapped in a risque PG-13 cover)

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INTRODUCTION: I’d suggest buckling up …

As one of the general partners of RORG (Results Only Realty Group) within Intero Real Estate Services, this site will become another platform to share content, engage in discussion, and discuss relevant economic and political topics.

Feedback wanted, encouraged, & appreciated!  IF you think I’m going to be polite & tell you what you want to hear though, stop now and NEVER read anything from me again.  I am raw, real, honest, snarky, and will step on your toes.

Please let me know if you want to discuss anything in particular.  After all, this is your journey; I’m just along for the ride.

Have a swanky day,



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