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Find The Pocket, Or Know Someone Who Knows Where The Pocket Is

If there’s an opportunity for home sellers within the residential market, it’s now.  There have been a great number of reports both locally and nationally that state the bottom of the real estate market has been reached or was hit last summer (2011).  Hmmm, that’s interesting, because I don’t recall the law of supply and demand being repealed.  It’s similar to the LAW of gravity – it exists even if you choose to ignore it.

Let’s do some simple math:

60,000 – The number of properties repossessed each month by lenders (nationally).

260,000 – The number of properties PER MONTH that have the foreclosure process started on them.

3 million – The number of annual sales in the United States of residential real estate. (NAR’s forecast was initially over 5 million; then it was reduced and reduced again. THEN they came out with a report saying, “Ooops, we were double counting some sales as the same properties were being sold more than once per year [being flipped by investors].”

190,000 – The number of properties in excess supply PER MONTH that WILL at some point come back into the marketplace … When?  What day will that be?  I see the foreclosure reports, yet missed the memo that the banks are releasing them into the market next Thursday at 8am. (Of which there was no memo, but could they? How do you know?)

So, how on Earth is there a pocket of opportunity for SELLERS????

The supply HAS diminished.  Read that statement with caution.  This does NOT mean we have reached a bottom.  Demand has stayed the same (slight increase in number of sales).  So, if there’s an opportunity to SELL your home for the maximum dollars available in the market, have LESS competition, and maximize your equity preservation, wouldn’t you want to pursue it?

Has there ever been a time when you didn’t follow your gut?  Is it possible that this time could be just like that time?


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Anti-Real Estate Defined

“How can you be anti-real estate when you’re a real estate agent?  It doesn’t make sense.” <—– A question and statement I recently received, and after sharing the question with others, it seems to be one you want answered.  In answering this, I’m going to ask YOU some questions, then allow you to choose what works for you.

1. If the standard approach to real estate has led us to the mess we’re in (collectively & nationally), do you want to take the traditional approach with a traditional company that offers traditional results, or do you want another alternative?  (WE are that alternative, FYI.)

2. If you knew that associations such as National Association of Realtors (NAR) and California Association of Realtors (CAR) knew the approaches they teach serve the agent and not the consumer, would you want those results or another alternative?  (WE are that alternative, FYI.)

3. If wanted to sell your home, would you want to get locked into a six or twelve MONTH listing contract, or would you prefer to have several written offers to choose from within 10-20 days?  (WE offer the latter, FYI.)

4. If you knew that the media, NAR, CAR, local associations, politicians, and even most agents have an agenda that has nothing to do with you, would you continue to travel that path?

5. Do you want someone to TELL you what to do, what your house is worth (and unless they’re BUYING it from you or have a written offer in hand, NO ONE can TELL you what it’s worth, but that’s another topic!) …?? Or do you want someone who can find out, in 10-20 days, EXACTLY what your home is worth and more importantly who is willing to pay that?  (WE offer the latter, FYI … Are you noticing a trend?)

If you want an alternative to the traditional nonsense Realtor “fluff”, what are you waiting for?


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