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Find The Pocket, Or Know Someone Who Knows Where The Pocket Is

If there’s an opportunity for home sellers within the residential market, it’s now.  There have been a great number of reports both locally and nationally that state the bottom of the real estate market has been reached or was hit last summer (2011).  Hmmm, that’s interesting, because I don’t recall the law of supply and demand being repealed.  It’s similar to the LAW of gravity – it exists even if you choose to ignore it.

Let’s do some simple math:

60,000 – The number of properties repossessed each month by lenders (nationally).

260,000 – The number of properties PER MONTH that have the foreclosure process started on them.

3 million – The number of annual sales in the United States of residential real estate. (NAR’s forecast was initially over 5 million; then it was reduced and reduced again. THEN they came out with a report saying, “Ooops, we were double counting some sales as the same properties were being sold more than once per year [being flipped by investors].”

190,000 – The number of properties in excess supply PER MONTH that WILL at some point come back into the marketplace … When?  What day will that be?  I see the foreclosure reports, yet missed the memo that the banks are releasing them into the market next Thursday at 8am. (Of which there was no memo, but could they? How do you know?)

So, how on Earth is there a pocket of opportunity for SELLERS????

The supply HAS diminished.  Read that statement with caution.  This does NOT mean we have reached a bottom.  Demand has stayed the same (slight increase in number of sales).  So, if there’s an opportunity to SELL your home for the maximum dollars available in the market, have LESS competition, and maximize your equity preservation, wouldn’t you want to pursue it?

Has there ever been a time when you didn’t follow your gut?  Is it possible that this time could be just like that time?


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PART TWO: How To Steal Again (and make better real estate offers)

In case you missed part one of learning how to steal, you can review it here:  “Have You Ever Stolen Before?”

So, here’s part two – I’m stealing again, but only so you can steal too and make better real estate offers in the process.  No, I’m not sharing how you can illegally steal, nor would I ever promote that.  I am suggesting you take a few moments that will save you time, money and frustration in the future.

What Starbucks Can Teach Us About Making Better Real Estate Offers <—- THIS is part two.  This has a critical step (and a few laughs too).

As a real estate investor (or if you’re thinking about getting in the game of investing), how many offers will you make?  How many offers will you make that get accepted?  How great would it be if these numbers were pretty equal (I.e. You become so good at showing sellers why they should take your offer that it’s a no-brainer that a seller accepts them.)

Any questions?





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Have You Ever Stolen Before?

Seriously … Have you?  I’m about to steal from a brilliant and witty friend of mine.  What I’m about to share will show you how, if you’re a real estate investor (or want to be one), you can “steal” too.  (Not literally “steal” … I’m NOT promoting or encouraging you to head out to Wal-mart and grab some lipstick without paying for it.)

From Nick Modarelli **, author of “Full Frontal Real Estate Investing”

What Starbucks Can Teach Us About Making Better Real Estate Offers <—– READ THIS ….

The best part – this brilliant guy is going to make us all come back for Part Two.

In the meantime, how many offers have you written that haven’t been accepted?  How many properties have you lost due to ineffective offers?

How many more will you make before you call me?

** Nick Modarelli – Real estate entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and published author with 25 years of experience buying & selling properties and mortgage notes in 8 different states.







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Anti-Real Estate Defined

“How can you be anti-real estate when you’re a real estate agent?  It doesn’t make sense.” <—– A question and statement I recently received, and after sharing the question with others, it seems to be one you want answered.  In answering this, I’m going to ask YOU some questions, then allow you to choose what works for you.

1. If the standard approach to real estate has led us to the mess we’re in (collectively & nationally), do you want to take the traditional approach with a traditional company that offers traditional results, or do you want another alternative?  (WE are that alternative, FYI.)

2. If you knew that associations such as National Association of Realtors (NAR) and California Association of Realtors (CAR) knew the approaches they teach serve the agent and not the consumer, would you want those results or another alternative?  (WE are that alternative, FYI.)

3. If wanted to sell your home, would you want to get locked into a six or twelve MONTH listing contract, or would you prefer to have several written offers to choose from within 10-20 days?  (WE offer the latter, FYI.)

4. If you knew that the media, NAR, CAR, local associations, politicians, and even most agents have an agenda that has nothing to do with you, would you continue to travel that path?

5. Do you want someone to TELL you what to do, what your house is worth (and unless they’re BUYING it from you or have a written offer in hand, NO ONE can TELL you what it’s worth, but that’s another topic!) …?? Or do you want someone who can find out, in 10-20 days, EXACTLY what your home is worth and more importantly who is willing to pay that?  (WE offer the latter, FYI … Are you noticing a trend?)

If you want an alternative to the traditional nonsense Realtor “fluff”, what are you waiting for?


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Oops, I meant to say FLASHBACK.  (Sorry, we’re not doing a choreographed dance to “Thriller”.  Maybe next time.)  Below is a very direct message, complete with political bantering & an “in your face” approach (What can I say, I appreciate no fluff!).  One of the partners within RORG (Results Only Realty Group) shared this as the “Email of the Year” in September 2008.  Take a moment and remember where you were in 2008 …. Go ahead, close your eyes and put yourself back in 2008.  Read the words carefully.  After you read the email, ask yourself what that “Email of the Year” might look like today.

Email of the year from Brian Vee Thomas in OK City 

Wouldn’t it be great to turn on the television and hear any U.S President, Democrat or Republican, give the following speech?
“My Fellow Americans: As you all know, the defeat of the Iraq regime has been completed.  Since Congress does not want to spend any more money on this war, our mission in Iraq is complete.  This morning I gave the order for a complete removal of all American forces from Iraq.  This action will be complete within 30 days.  It is now time to begin the reckoning.  Before me, I have two lists. One list contains the names of countries which have stood by our side during the Iraq conflict.  This list is short – The United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Australia, and Poland are some of the countries listed there.  The other list contains every one not on the first list.  Most of the world’s nations are on that list.  My Press Secretary will be distributing copies of both lists later this evening.  Let me start by saying that effective immediately, foreign aid to those nations on List 2 ceases immediately and indefinitely.  The money saved during the first year alone will pretty much pay for the costs of the Iraqi war.  THEN EVERY YEAR THERE AFTER IT’LL GO TO OUR SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM SO IT WON’T GO BROKE IN 20 YEARS.  The American people are no longer going to pour money into third world Hell holes and watch those government leaders grow fat on corruption.  Need help with a famine? Wrestling with an epidemic?  Call France.  In the future, together with Congress, I will work to redirect this money toward solving the vexing social problems we still have at home.  On that note, a word to terrorist organizations.  Screw with us and we will hunt you down and eliminate you and all your friends from the face of the earth.  Thirsting for a gutsy country to terrorize?  Try France or maybe China … I am ordering the immediate severing of diplomatic relations with France, Germany, and Russia.  Thanks for all your help, comrades.  We are retiring from NATO as well.  Bonne chance, mezamies.  I have instructed the Mayor of New York City to begin towing the many UN diplomatic vehicles located in Manhattan with more than two unpaid parking tickets to sites where those vehicles will be stripped, shredded and crushed.  I don’t care about whatever treaty pertains to this.  You creeps have tens of thousands of unpaid tickets.  Pay those tickets tomorrow or watch your precious Benzes, Beamers and limos be turned over to some of the finest chop shops in the world.  I love New York.  A special note to our neighbors.  Canada is on List 2.  Since we are likely to be seeing a lot more of each other, you folks might want to try not pissing us off for a change.  Mexico is also on List 2.  Its president and his entire corrupt government really need an attitude adjustment.  I will have a couple extra thousand tanks and infantry divisions sitting around.  Guess where I am going to put’em?  Yep, border security.  Oh, by the way, the United States is abrogating the NAFTA treaty – starting now.  We are tired of the one-way highway. Immediately, we’ll be drilling for oil in Alaska – which will take care of this country’s oil needs for decades to come.  If you’re an environmentalist who opposes this decision, I refer you to List 2 above – pick a country and move there.  It is time for America to focus on its own welfare and its own citizens.  Some will accuse us of isolationism.  I answer them by saying, “Darn tootin'” … Nearly a century of trying to help folks live a decent life around the world has only earned us the undying enmity of just about everyone on the planet.  It is time to eliminate hunger in America.  It is time to eliminate homelessness in America.  To the nations on List 1, a final thought: Thank you guys.  We owe you and we won’t forget.  To the nations on List 2, a final thought: You might want to learn to speak Arabic.  God bless America … Thank you and good night.” <<If you can read this, thank a teacher.  If you are reading it in English, thank a soldier.>>
So, what does this have to do with how I can assist you?  Did it cause you to think?  Congratulations for even reading that far to get to the question.  Did it stimulate some questions within you?  If so, what are they and why haven’t you called me?

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Holy Mortgage Rates, Batman!

Have you heard the news?  Mortgage rates are lower than ever in history, and dropped under 4% today.  What does that mean?  Well, the rate you pay on your mortgage (loan to buy a home) is a factor in determining your monthly payment, which of course is important to most people buying a home.  Usually folks consider “How much do I have to pay each month??” … AND, it’s important in determining if you even qualify based on your income.

How do you find out if you even qualify for a mortgage and this artificially low rate?  Well, you could respond to one of the thousands of ads you probably received with a subject line bellowing out “It’s a GREAT time to buy” …. And any number of those folks will gladly run your credit, they might “pre-qualify” you, and it’s possible they’ll add you to their weekly “mortgage update” list after they put you in a loan that may or may not be right for you.

The truth is, this “breaking news” of lowest mortgage rates in history sends a deeper message and some are “unimpressed”.  (I like that word, unimpressed … )  According to one mortgage information provider in this article, Low Mortgage Rates, “the lowest mortgage rates come at the bleakest periods”.

What the heck does all this mean?

If you’re buying or considering buying, can you really afford NOT to call us?


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#RIPSteveJobs:  The most popular “hashtag” on Twitter … If you don’t know what a hashtag is (or Twitter for that matter) it’s not really the point.  The meaning isn’t difficult to interpret.  Not only is #RIPSteveJobs the most popular hashtag on Twitter, it’s the number one news story trending online, a topic of conversation in millions of households and businesses, and an opportunity for many to reflect, introspect, and become inspired.  It is quite apparent that Steve Jobs’ goal of wanting to make a “dent in the Universe” was accomplished several times over.

How can I apply this to what RORG offers?  Simple.  Focus.  “That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” ~ Steve Jobs

So, I know you have a mountain to be moved …. Why haven’t you called me for help yet?



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No Rise Until 2020????? Are you serious?

Yep, probably.  If you read this entire article, “No Rise in Home Prices Until 2020: Bankers” it sounds like a big F*** YOU to all the sellers who’ve been patiently waiting for the “market to get better”.  If I had a penny for every time I heard that, I’d have a lot of pennies!  I even hear it from other real estate agents – I hear them TELL folks things all the time.  Such as “it’s a great time to buy and it’s a great time to sell”, all in the same breath.  And of course, this is because their mindset is solely on themselves and how they’re going to feed their family – i.e. the commission they will make from telling you what to do because their livelihood depends upon it.

But take a closer look at that article, and you’ll realize we (RORG) have been sharing this for years.  Actually, my partner has been sharing this for years, which is why we are now partners.  His analysis is the most accurate and in depth from anything I’ve seen.  And now I get to share it with you – what it means, where the opportunities are, how you can maximize on the potential, and how you can use that analysis to your benefit.

The law of supply and demand is much like the law of gravity – it exists even if you choose to ignore it.  So is this article a surprise??  There’s more supply than demand – simple.  What does more supply and less demand do to prices?

Do you need to maximize your equity preservation in your property?  We can and will purchase it, at whatever number you want.  We can and will show you how that might not be the best choice.  We can and will show you the options you have.  We can and will find the maximum dollars available for your property in 10-20 days.  We can and will bring you several offers, typically above the listing price, in that 10-20 days.

You always have a choice.  You can contact the agents (about 97% of them) that will tell you what you want to hear; heck, I’ll even refer you TO those agents.  (You’re welcome for the referrals, agents!) … OR you can contact us if you want different results.

So why haven’t you called us yet?  Maybe the market needs to beat you up a little more … The choice is yours.

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Someone Tweeted THAT?

SELLING A HOME?  I had to share a tweet I just saw … I have a lot of stories which I will share as a way to give you a choice.  You want choices, right?  You want control over your situation, right?  In a litigious society where entitlement runs rampant, it seems as if you might want a bit more control and maybe a different choice.  Hell, the choices you have had available (until now) have gotten you the results you have (i.e. owning the home you’ve wanted to sell for months, maybe even years).

Here’s the tweet:  @JasonHallAz Make sure that a listing agent you choose has a web site with high traffic, and is connected with many other home web sites. #realestate #az

My reply was:  @LeslieBriskman OR … u could make sure ur agent can not only just put ur home on a bunch of websites, but also can sell it. #realestate Listing agent vs an agent that gets intended results. Just my opinion, as an anit-real estate agent. 

Now, in case you don’t tweet, the abbreviations are necessary as you only have 140 characters to share a thought or link to a website.  My point in replying to Mr. Hall (who I don’t know and have never spoken to) was to engage a conversation and challenge the traditional viewpoint.

Here are my questions if you’ve been trying to sell a home:

1. Do you care how many websites I have if my results suck?

2. Do you care how pretty your house will be on those respective websites if again, my results suck?

3. Do you even care if I have three eyes and hunchback?  If I can deliver the best results in the quickest time, does any of this matter?

How do you get comfortable knowing we (Results Only Realty Group, RORG) can get you the best results?  OR, if you simply want to LIST your home, I can deliver that too with tons of pretty websites and pictures and rainbows and butterflies … My instinct is you might want to sell and you might want to find someone who can deliver THAT?

Your results may not change unless you call me …. What are you waiting for?


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Truth or Dare … ?

Remember this game as young kid?  Heck, I even played it as a teenager.

So, what’s your choice?  Knowing this is typically an economic site, with commentary generally focused on what’s REALLY going on with the real estate and mortgage industries, what’s YOUR choice?  Do you want truth or dare?

Why am I asking?  Well, the next few articles I’m about to share (which means you do have to come back and visit me) will have both.  So I guess no matter what you answered, I’ll have something you can appreciate … Or at least something that might shock the hell out of you.

Do you want the truth about what’s really happening in the real estate industry, where we are going, and why?

Maybe it’s time you called me ….


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